Maker’s Shirt KAMAKURA

Maker’s Shirt KAMAKURA Vol.3 The ultimate in superior luxury

The ultimate in superior luxury, The “THREE HUNDRED CLUB” series While the mission at Maker’s Shirt Kamakura is to provide top quality shirts at a ordable prices of 4900 yen, this is not permitted to compromise in any way on the quality of the material they select for their shirts. Made with t[...]

Maker’s Shirt KAMAKURA Vol.2 A well-crafted tie can ‘lift’ the whole ensemble

A well-crafted tie can ‘lift’ the whole ensemble Shirts from Maker’s Shirt Kamakura are well known for their high quality and surprisingly affordable pricing, starting from just 4900 yen. The fine precision tailoring by Japanese artisans is highly praised and has attracted many fans from abroa[...]

Maker’s Shirt KAMAKURA Vol.1 A consuming passion for quality

A consuming passion for quality If you have a discerning eye for quality,then you’ll recognize superior fabrics and immaculate tailoring immediately.  ese elegant shirts from Maker’s Shirt Kamakura de nitely belong in this category. Simply sliding your arm into a sleeve  lls you with a sense[...]