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運営会社名WAttention Co., Ltd
 AddressKurashima Shibuya Bld. 2-3-8-401 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan 150-0002
Established inFebruary 14, 2011
CEOYasuko Suzuki
Works-Monthly free magazine “WAttention Tokyo” for tourists from overseas, with a circulation of 50,000 copies distributed from 1,000 spots in Tokyo, Narita Airport, travel agencies around the world. Magazine coordination work. Translation and Consulting for making business inroads into Asia

Associated Company

社名Minook International (S) Pte Limited
Address2B Craig Road, Singapore 089662
Established inAugust 1998
CEOYasuko Suzuki
WorksMonthly free magazine “Mangosteen Club” for Japanese residents in Singapore with a circulation of 20,000 magazines distributed from 750 spots all over Singapore. Bimonthly free magazine “WAttention” about insight Japan with a circulation of 40,000 copies. Artwork for advertisement, company profile and brochure. TV and magazine coordination work. Writing article about Singapore and South East Asian countries. Importing and exporting goods
Trading PartnerSingapore Tourism Board, Singapore Airline, Japan Airline, All Nippon Airline and other Singaporean and Japanese companies.


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