Yummy Yaesu Depachika Walkabout

The next time you have some time to spare before your next train or Shinkansen ride at the Tokyo Station - and have already explored most of the Tokyo Station Ichibangai - why not explore the recently-renovated Yaesu Depachika to get a taste of shops old and new?


Incidentally, Yaesu Depachika (which is a combination of depato - or department store - and chika, meaning basement) celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, and one of the shops there has been in the same shop space for that long!

Liqours Hasegawa 


Liquors Hasegawa toasts 50 years of selling liqour - specializing in whiskey, with a broad range of single malts - in this underground city. Here you can sample whiskies before you buy them, starting from 100 yen for a small shot.


It also stocks a wide range of craft beers, including this brewed in Tokyo beer, "Tokyo Blues", made with water from the Tama River. How's that for a taste of Tokyo?

Opening Hours: 10am - 8pm daily
URL:  www.liquors-hasegawa.com

Stand-up Dining : Sake or Steak?

yaesu1 yaesu2

The South Wing is where most of the restaurants are gathered, and caters to a wide range of budgets. There are even a couple of affordable stand-up joints offering a quick drink or cut of steak for hungry shoppers or salarymen on their way home.

New Kids In The Block 



Bubby's - Apple pie with a punch!

Bubby's from New York is famous for its hearty slices of apple pies stuffed with 15 whole apples and cherries from Michigan. Wonder what the folks from Hasegawa might have to say about the Whiskey Apple Pie!

Opening Hours:
Morning 7:30~11:00
Lunch 11:00~16:00
Dinner 16:00~22:30(LO21:30)

Lunch 9:00~16:00
Dinner 16:00~22:00(LO21:00)

URL: http://www.restaurant-mrs.com/wp/restaurant_bubbys/restaurant_bubbys_child_yaechika

Erick South - Finally, authentic Southern Indian Cuisine!


If you fancy something spicy, there's Erick South which dishes up (as far as we could tell, authentic smelling) Southern Indian curry, which is less thick than the northern Indian variety, but not any less tasty. For the summer, you can try the cold tuna curry...(a departure from authentic to the adventurous).

Opening Hours:


URL: http://www.erickcurry.jp/

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