Ultimate Map of Fall Foliage Destinations in Japan : Fukushima Prefecture

38Tatsuzawafudo Falls (達沢不動滝) in Yama-Inawashiro

First colors: Middle of October
Color Peak: Middle of October until the beginning of November
Access: 40min bus ride into Tatsuzawa direction from JR Inawashiro Station (JR Ban'etsu West Line) until the last stop (40min walk)
Address: Kogai Kotatsusawa, Inawashiro-machi, Yama-gun, 969-2752 Fukushima
Ranking: ★★★☆☆
- bandaisan.or.jp

39Shingukumano Shrine’s large ginkgo tree (新宮熊野神社の大イチョウ) in Kitakata

First colors: Beginning of November
Color Peak: November 15th(Tuesday) - November 20th (Sunday)
Access: 10min taxi ride from Kitakata Station (JR Ban'etsu West Line); 10min taxi ride from JR Shiokawa Station (JR Ban'etsu West Line)
Address: Shingu Kumano 2258, Keitoku-machi, Kitakata-shi, 966-0923 Fukushima
Ranking: ★★★☆☆
- www.tif.ne.jp


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