Ultimate Map of Cherry Blossom Spots in Japan : Okinawa

5Yogi Park (与儀公園) in Naha City

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Viewing period: End of January to early February
Details: 400 Hikan cherry blossom trees could be seen along the riverside.
Access: About 20min by car from Naha airport
Address: 1-1-1 Yorimiya, Naha-shi, 902-0076 Okinawa
Ranking: ★★★★☆
- nihon-kankou.or.jp.e.wp.hp.transer.com

6Darumayama Park (だるま山園地) in Kumejima Town

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Viewing period: End of January to early February
Details: You can enjoy Hikan cherry blossoms and beautiful flowers surrounded by the sea.
Access: About 4 hours by ferry from Naha city
Address: Uezu, Kumejima-cho, Shimajiri-gun, 901-3138 Okinawa
Ranking: ★★★☆☆
- ritou.com


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