The 5 highest mountains of Japan

Who is Japan's king of the hill?

With 73 percent of Japan's land consisting of mountains and more than 100 of them being over 2,500 meters high (including peaks of the same mountain range), it is safe to say that Japan is a mountainous country. But which of these giants, are the very highest? Here follow Japan's big five!

1. Mt. Fuji


Height: 3,776m
Prefecture(s): Shizuoka, Yamanashi

Mt. Fuji is not only Japan's most iconic, but also Japan's highest mountain. Best viewed from Yamanaka lake in Yamanashi prefecture.

2.  Mt. Kita


Height: 3,193m (10,476 ft)
Prefecture(s): Yamanashi

Mt. Kita is Japan's tallest non-volcanic mountain. It is located in Yamanashi's Minami-Alps city, which can be translated as Southern Alps city.

3. Mt. Okuhotaka


Height: 3,190m (10,470 ft)
Prefecture(s): Nagano, Gifu

If its peak had been only 2 average women's size taller, this would have been Japan's second highest mountain. Being more rocky than most of Japan's other mountains, climbing Mt. Okuhotaka is not recommended if you are not an advanced climber.

4. Mt. Aino


Height: 3,189m (10,463.0 ft)
Prefecture(s): Yamanashi, Shizuoka

With a mountain peak so wide you can even get lost, Mt. Aino's peak is also known as the Aino Dome. Climbing Mt. Aino is often done on the way to Mt. Shiomi, a popular mountain to climb in the same region.

5.  Mt. Yari


m_163605Height: 3,141 m (10,305 ft)
Prefecture(s): Shizuoka, Nagano

Towering in the back of this picture like a sharp spear, it is not hard to understand where Mt. Yari got is name from, yari being Japanese for spear.

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