Maple hunting in Tokyo: Mt. Takao

A magical ride through golden and crimson tunnels

From Shinjuku, hop on the Keio Line and within an hour your are at the foot of Mt. Takao, which is arguably Tokyo's best autumn leaf viewing spot. You might think that autumn leafs are best viewed deeper in the country, but don't underestimate Mt. Takao, which is ranked as the 4th best autumn leaf viewing spot of the whole country by Tokyo Walker.


There are three ways to enjoy the feast of leaves here. Get sweaty by climbing the mountain yourself, or choose for either the cable car or chair lift to take you on a magical ride. Especially the cable car is highly recommended as it takes you deep into Mt. Takao's autumn forests otherwise not accessible.  The myriads of maples here form golden and crimson tunnels that lead you to the top of this 599m high mountain.

ケーブルカー (7)

The leafs surrounding Yakuo-in temple near the top take on an amber hue as well and make for a spot well worth the hunt.

While not joining the autumn leaf festival as you  might hope, the stunning mountain range view with Mt. Fuji in the backdrop from the top make a perfect ending to this mesmerizing journey.


Mt. Takao

Best period for autumn foliage: Mid November

Location: A 5-min walk from Takaosanguchi Station (Keio Line)

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