Japan’s First Sumo Rock Band?

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What happens when four famous sumo wrestlers form a rock band?

Perhaps not the creation of the next big Japanese idol group, but for sure, yet another unforgettable Japanese commercial is born.

To promote its new product, the “Move Band”, Docomo Health Care created a completely different kind of “band” – a heavyweight rock band comprising well-known sumo wrestlers.

At the guitar is Asahishou, at the drums is Gagamaru, manning the bass is Tenkaiho, and Toyonoshima is the lead vocal.

The “Move Band” estimates the number of calories one burns throughout the day. With an average weight of over 320 lbs (145 kg) each, Docomo Health Care must have figured that watching these four rock out with all their might would make for a very entertaining sight…not to mention a redefinition of the genre, heavy metal. Take a look for yourself!


Photo Source: docomohealthcare YouTube


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