Illumination at Keyakizaka-dori Street Roppongi Hills

During the winter, illumination shines everywhere in Tokyo.
Even on the most cold nights, the illumination is there to keep one's heart warm.

Keyakizaka-dori Street in Roppongi Hills has 1.2 million shining LED lights, and Tokyo Tower - also beautifully lit-up - can be seen in the backdrop.


The illumination here comes in two colors, "Snow & Blue" and "Candle & Red". The illumination's color changes over time, allowing you to enjoy two different illuminations at one spot!

On the day of my visit, the almost full moon was also shining in the distance, eager to join the illumination.

From this angle, it is as if the illuminations are like stars in the universe, encircling the moon. A rare shot of natural and artificial shots shining together.


As one of the most romantic illumination spots Tokyo has to offer, Keyakizaka is ideal for a winter date.


Along Keyakizaka-dori - which is a slope though not very steep - a wide arrange of luxury shops are available for quality shopping. This shot is taken from a lower point looking up at the slope.


If you spot a hidden heart,  you can engage in an interactive activity with your smartphone! Hidden hearts are very scarce and only lit up for 5 minutes every hour, but if you succeed in finding one, something cool will happen!
Find out more here.


This photo is taken from a pedestrian bridge. Looking at illumination from above provides a fresh view.

The warm red illumination and light tracks of passing cars together make a stunning collaboration on this shot. On the day this  shot was taken, it was very windy and cold. Be sure to put on warm clothes when you go to see illumination in Tokyo.

Att Roppongi Hills, many other illumination events can be enjoyed as well until December 25. Find out more on the official website.
I would also like to recommend the observatory at Roppongi Hills during this period for an illuminated skyline view, which I will introduce in my next entry.


Keyakizaka-dori Street Roppongi Hills Illumination

Location: Roppongi 6,Minato, Tokyo
Access: Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line Roppongi Station (directly connected to Roppongi Hills), or a 6-min walk from Toei Oedo Line Roppongi Station.

Period: November 4 2015- December 25 2015

Hours: 17:00 PM–23:00 PM

Fee: Free

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