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After a long walk in a historical neighborhood or non-stop spending spree in a high-end shopping district, the best way to quench your thirst is to get an ice cold beer! Here’s a few wonderful products that will create a silky smooth foam for the perfect head of beer, now you can enjoy draft beer at home.




This product is extremely easy to use! Just attach the BEERSMOOTHER II to a regular store-bought beer can (350ml/500ml) and pour beer into a tumbler. The result is a fluffy and smooth foam just like a draft beer.

Product Name: Houkoku Kogyo Co. Ltd., BEERSMOOTHER II
Price: 756 yen (including tax)
Category:  Beer Product
WAttention Editor's comment: "This is the ultimate foolproof beer product. Easy and quick!"



rankNo.2:Standing Type Beer Server


Equipped with a super-fast ultrasonic vibration system (40 kilohertz), this high tech beer server creates unbelievably creamy foam. All you have to do is place a can inside the device and it will do the rest. There’s a lever on top that allows you to control the amount of foam you desire. This server will instantly turn your home into a popular beer hall.

Product Name: Standing Type Beer Server; GH-BEERF-BK
Price:  9,914 yen(including tax)
Category: Beer Product
WAttention Editor's comment: ”If you are a serious beer enthusiast, this server will not disappoint you.”



rankNo. 3: Beer Foamer Stick


After pouring beer in a tumbler, put the Beer Foamer Stick in and turn it on. This magic wand uses ultrasonic waves to create a smooth foam. Its portability is also a plus.

Product Name: Beer Foamer Stick GH-BEERE-BK
Price: 4,298 yen (including tax)
Category: Beer Products
WAttention Editor's Comment: ”Because of its size and portability, you can bring it to an outdoor party or a picnic.”



rankNo. 4: Ready to drink Gekihie Tumbler


First of its kind in the industry! This stainless tumbler cools down the temperature of beer to the extreme. The secret is hidden in its layered construction. The ice layer between the inner and outer layers and a vacuum thermal insulation cools beer down to icy cold in less than a minute. To create the ice layer, pour water in the tumbler, insert the inner cup with a gasket and close it tightly, then keep it in the freezer for 12 hours.

Product Name: Doshisha, Ready to drink Gekihie Tumbler, 300MT; DSGT-300MT
Price: 2,138 yen (including tax)
Category: Beer Product
WAttention Editor's Comment: ”The tumbler not only cools beer but also prevents condensation.”



rankNo. 5: MENU Beer Foamer



This elegant foam maker allows you to make the foam separately. Pour a small amount of beer into the Beer Foamer and push the button on top for 30 seconds. A small whisk turns and creates creamy aromatic foam. Gently pour the foam on top of your brew for a picturesque beer that’s ready for a taste.

Product Name: MENU Beer Foamer 4690239, 8cmφ
Price: 7,344 yen (including tax).
Category: Beer Product
WAttention Editor's Comment: ”This is an unconventional way of creating a perfect beer but the foam created by the MENU Beer Foamer is soft, dense and long lasting.”



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