Although situated in Chiba prefecture, Narita is known as the gateway of Tokyo due to Narita Airport. One of the most attractive tourist destinations is Narita-san Shinsho-ji, a buddhist temple, with a history of over 1000 years. Many hitorical stores and buildings stand side by side on the main street, including Chinese medicine stores and a large wooden three-story hotel. Besides Narita-san, the city and its surroundings have several attractions such as the Narita Dream Dairy Farm. Visiting Narita is recommended especially for travelers to unwind before or after a long flight.

[ Transportation ]

From Tokyo:
One direct rapid train per hour runs along the JR Sobu line between Tokyo station and Narita Airport in each direction, stopping at Narita station along the way. The one way trip from Tokyo Station to Narita Station takes 70 min. An alternative way is to take Keisei line, which operates Skyoiner and limited express trains between Tokyo's Ueno station and Narita Airport, both stopping at Keisei Narita station along the way.

Between Narita Airport and Narita City:
By train
10 min. Between Narita station and Narita Airport by either JR or Keisei trains. The most frequent service is provided by the Keisei limited express, which departs about every 20 min.
By bus
A loop bus line known as "Narita City Round Bus" or "Retro Bus" offers infrequent connections between Narita Airport, Narita Station, Naritasan Temple and the Aeon Narita shopping mall.

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